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Lord of Jamaica Pyramid
Origin: Jamaica Lord of Jamaica Pyramid
Size: 6.00 X 50
Wrapper: Natural

From The Cigar Renaissance:
Made by the same company that produces H. Upmann and Montecristo, The Lord of Jamaica cigars are hand made in Maypen, Jamaica at the Altadis factory under the direction of Robert Gore. While brands such as Macanudo and Royal Jamaica call themselves “Jamaican” brands, this is one of the few “Jamaican” brands that is actually rolled there. Rolled in five sizes (three of which salute the British heritage of Jamaica), they are available in Connecticut seed or maduro wrappers.

We always thought that Bob Marley was the “Lord of Jamaica”, but everyone knows he smoked something much stronger! A great “any time of day” cigar, this is mild enough to be smoked first thing in the morning. While it has a medium bodied taste and a touch of spice, it is also a characteristically mild Jamaican cigar. Quite smooth and perfect for a someone who likes pure tobacco flavors, this is great for those who don’t want something that will blow their head off or is just getting into cigars.

Reviewed by: Nikko
Date: August 2002

The construction, burn, and draw were perfect. That's the good part. Upon lighting the cigar the first sensation was harshness, which mellowed quickly. There was little flavor to the cigar, so the remaining moderate bite was the primary sensation during the time I smoked the cigar. The ash was light to medium gray. I wouldn't buy it. I don't need more body, but I need a lot more flavor.

Reviewed by: CopDad
Date: July 2002

Nice looking, well made cigar, nice even shaded wrapper;the band was put on badly, but that's a minor detail. Smoked mild to medium, good draw, and lots of smoke. Burn was somewhat raggedy, but not canoed by any means. I have smoked a few of these cigars, and they are too mild for me. The taste was a bit on the harsh side. From past experience with the brand, it's not one I intend to buy.

Reviewed by: MacDaddy
Date: July 2002

This cigar was pleasantly mild. Great morning smoke. It was creamy with a hint of chocolate. It had a great draw throughout which produced a fair amount of smoke the first 1/2, a ton of smoke the second 1/2. Great burn. Rated- 81 out of 100.

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