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Arturo Fuente OpusX Belicoso XXX
Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: 4 5/8 X 49Arturo Fuente OpusX Belicoso XXX
Wrapper: Rosado

From Cigar Price Light:
Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars are top of the line of Arturo Fuente. This should say it all. Fuentes say that these cigars are their dream come true. Very limited releases make these cigars extremely hard to find even by the singles. Opus X is one of very few brands, which should make you feel lucky if you could buy it anywhere.

Reviewed by: Gary Anderson
Date: July 2006

I have read advertisements and reviews that claim the Fuente line as being "rare" and the "most sought after cigars in the world." At $47.10 Canadian you can find plenty of these puppies in the Toronto area.

The cigar tasted mild but was strong. It had a weird tangy bite for the first fifth. I was trying to figure out what the tang was and noticed tar building up on the head. I deduced the tang was the tar or possibly the nicotine. After the first fifth of the cigar the tang and bite went away.

The cigar built a fine length of ash for approximately 2/3rd's the cigars length. Despite desperate puffing the light extinguished at about the 2/3rd's mark and I had to knock the ash off to re-light it.

Flavor was hint of sweet and I could faintly make out the tobaccos Cuban roots. The finish was short and very little taste. Almost could only taste it while my mouth was full of the smoke. Despite being strong the nicotine bite and tar was smooth and not at all objectionable.

A good smoke but at the price I wouldn't knock myself out to buy one. I rated it a 5 out of ten with a Montecristo #4 being a 6

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