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Romeo y Julieta No. 3 Tubo
Origin: Cuba Romeo y Julieta No. 3 Tubo
Size: 4.50 X 44
Wrapper: Natural

From Pablamos Cigars:
Romeo y Julieta cigars were created in 1875 by Inocencio Àlvarez and Manín Garcia but it was not until a Spanish emigrante, Fernández Rodríguez, bought the brand in 1903 that their popularity became truly global. Rodríguez, nick-name Pepín, was a lively character who never missed an opportunity to promote his cigars. Amongst other exploits he bought a racehorse, named it Julieta and entered it into the grand race meetings of Europe. Other ideas included a cigar shop in the hotel Capulet de Verona, the setting of Shakespeares play and from which location unsuspecting tourists were offered a complimentary cigar. Romeo y Julieta cigars are also credited with having introduced the Churchill cigar shape in honour of Great Britain's wartime leader who visited the Habana factory in 1946. There is an apocryphal story that Sir Winston Churchill used to insert a straightened paper-clip into his cigar during important meetings with foreign heads of state. His often unpleasant and hostile guests became fascinated with the ever-lengthening body of unfallen ash and had their minds diverted from the delicate negotiations at hand. We do not suggest you try this trick at home. Oh well, go on then...

Reviewed by: Will Copeland
Date: January 2005

These smell great when you open the tube; rich and tangy, really vegetal or earthy. The first few puffs were quite mellow but it got stronger quite quickly. Good flavour, plenty of body and a feeling of satisfaction when I\'d finished. The only negative was that the last inch or so was a bit tarry and strangely tasted a little like a re-lit cigar.

Really good smoke.

Reviewed by: MrChef
Date: June 2004

A classic Cuban in a non-classical way. Everything about the looks of this cigar IS classically Cuban. Solid construction although a little rough. It’s not the prettiest cigar in the world. But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

The preburn aroma tells you that what you have in your hand is a genuine Cuban classic. It’s rich and earthy and pure tobacco.

Upon lighting up this particular stick started out a little bitter, which was quite a surprise to me but happily within the first five minutes it settled into a very fine smooth smoke. Now the really UNclassic part for me was how mild this cigar was. I’ve smoked plenty of Cuban cigars and most of them start on the strong side of medium and get even stronger from there. But this little baby was quite different. Except for the initial couple of minutes this thing was more on the mild side of medium, and even for a smaller stick it burned relatively cool all the way down. The burn by the way was smooth and even. The ash solid and white and the taste was pure tobacco pleasure. I also am becoming more partial to tubed cigars these days….they are just easier to carry around with out too much fuss.

I’ve look around and Pablamos Cigars out of Spain seems to be one of the best places to pick these things up. You can read more about Pablamos Cigars on our Affiliates Page.

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